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Cancer Cures Alternative Style

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Cancer Cures? Alternative Medicine Style

By Editor June 2004 (Updated 8/09)


Well, can cancer be cured? I will answer this. But, first, let me explain that it is presently illegal in California, (and who knows where else), to treat, heal or cure cancer in any other than the state-approved mode of chemotherapy, surgery or radiation, (translated from gobblety-speak into earth talk that is by poisoning, cutting or burning! So much for your freedom of choice if you live there, although you can get involved in helping with Bill 1691.) This strangle hold on alternative solutions to the cancer problem was instigated by Casper Weinberger I believe, when he was in the California legislature back in the Reagan Days. Well, maybe he meant well. There are always a bunch of quacks and charlatans trying to take advantage of us under the guise of medicine, some of them orthodox. Sometimes they mean well, but are just plain incompetent. I ran into one of these when I was just a wee pup. My mother, being English and new to the states right after WWII, took me to what she thought was a real doctor. I had pimples all over my body. He prescribed a protocol of constantly boiling my clothes and sheets, smearing on some ungodly smelly crap, and worst of all, sun lamp treatments. Well, you guessed it. I got second degree burns all over my little body, in his office yet, (I guess he forgot and left me too long). And, the good news part of this horrible experience was, when I went to a real pediatrician after I screamed for days, he said it was nothing but flea bites and it would just clear up. He was right. By the way, the first guy was not an MD. My pediatrician was an MD and a real human being as well as one of the best doctors I ever knew. He had adults still seeing him just because they loved him. The other guy I would like to find in a dark alley some night.


The point? I know of what I speak. There are good guys on both sides of the fence. Also, some people have more faith in allopathic medicine. This may be the charm of the white coat and stethoscope or the brainwashing we alI receive as sprouts, before we have any mental defenses. I will not be leading you down some airy fairy yellow brick road into fantasyland. I will tell you only about things of which I know and have even tried. If some of them have not been clinically proven, then at least I know these modalities work from the experience of myself and others. However, I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or prescribe. Do not misconstrue this rant as any kind of medical advice. I do not know your specific condition, age, past medical history, drugs you may be taking, etc. so I cannot offer any medical advice real or implied. This essay is purely for experimental purposes and you are responsible for performing due diligence and involving your alternative or complementary practitioner. This is my opinion. There, that is out of the way.


There are so many cures for cancer it would take a book, (and I dont mean cure like they cure a ham). Ironically, there have been several good books written on the subject of cancer and suppressed cures, (see bibliography).


(I could say therapies, treatments, etc. This would be safer. The FDA more than likely does word-search sweeps of threatening new alternative therapies and uses the term cures. But, I want to be clear, so I am using the exact term I mean. Besides, it is too cumbersome to use the term healings. It sounds a bit over the top or mystical. I mean cures. Maybe I can say remedies. Okay, I will.)


There are certain states in the US that have alternative therapy laws to protect practitioners and patients from the wrath of the FDA and their masters the international drug (pharmaceutical) cartels. Still, it is a big planet and these therapies are practiced quite widely in Germany, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, Texas, Santa Fe, NM and other more alternative-friendly places.


Let us proceed to some specific cancer remedies that work. I will list the references when I can so you can research them. They will not be in order of efficacy necessarily. Also, you will be a witness if these sources mysteriously and suddenly disappear into the ether. (Cesium Chloride below is such a case, but you can still use Google or Bing to find many good and inexpensive sources of this incredible substance.) Lets keep the buggers as honest as we can until we can put them all in jail where they belong for mass murdering so many Americans in the name of allopathic medicine. There is proof of this. You just wont see it and more information like it on the evening news. You may see a sound bite once in a blue moon that actually criticizes conventional medicine as a crumb tossed to the growing alternative health mood of the public. But not much more. If you notice, 90% of the ads on the evening news are for prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Who is going to bite the masters hand?



1)                Cesium Chloride: This is a marvelous substance that the FDA hates almost as much as colloidal silver. It can be a stopgap or used exclusively, if you can get it. It is an expensive way to go but not compared to orthodox cancer treatment. It, like other alternative therapies that work, is not normally covered by any insurance company as far as I know. So, one must consider out-of-pocket costs in all these cases, until the insurance companies wake up to the epiphany that they can save billions of dollars by turning away from conventional allopathic practices. This day may come soon. Or we are all pretty much dead. You can read a terrific article on CC at: High PH Therapy.


2)                Oxygen Therapies: I say oxygen but I really mean ozone or activated oxygen. Ozone, even though it has been used successfully therapeutically for half a century in Europe and here (underground here), has a very bad wrap. Through the media whores and just plain bad science, the public has been trained to associate the term ozone with smog. So insidious is the bashing ozone has received at the hands of the mainstreams authorities, that the FDA is able to lie blatantly that it is a poison gas with no medically proven benefits. German, Russian, Cuban and Mexican doctors laugh at this. Free country? Maybe for a while. These healing methods are available under some circumstances. Some doctors even here in the US use these ozone therapies openly. You can apply them yourself. I would just say that in my opinion, ozone is effective in some cancers but not as effective as some other therapies in others. However, I always stress that you work with a qualified practitioner who understands and is proficient in alternative medicine. And, that you combine various modalities when appropriate for maximum effectiveness. For example, it is no good getting rid of a disease like aids and then continuing the same high-risk life style. It will come back. Same with Cancer. You have to look at diet, emotional situations, pollution, toxins in the environment etc. There is no panacea or cure all. Even the next remedy, although close to a perfect remedy for all microbial disease, will not work on everything. Nothing will that we know so far. That is why synergy is the best policy. Combine when possible holistically. Use everything as long as it does not conflict. For example, Vitamin C and ozone conflict, so they are to be used alternatively. However this is rare. Most alternative therapies work well together. It is just not wise to combine allopathic with alternative, although even this is possible. The problem is, when there is any kind of remission or healing, the doctor will always say that it was the allopathic mode that worked. Most people will not question an MD (minor deity). Doctors only fear the AMA and their review boards and their peer approval. They should fear you to hold them to the high standard they swore to when they became a doctor.


3)                A++ Rife Frequency Therapy: Barry Lynes gave this discovery (or more accurately invention) the highest praise when he called his book, The Cancer Cure That Worked. In fact, theoretically, given the money and resources to accelerate this healing system technologically, there may be nothing of a microbial or pathogenic nature that could not be abolished by this approach. It was so scary to the nascent drug-oriented medicine (and still is to the big Pharma and the FDA), that they went to war with its creator Dr. Rife and all who tried to stand by his side. Even some of the most prestigious doctors of the day were threatened and some died mysteriously! Even with the endorsement of USC at the time, Dr. Royal Rife has been purged from the history books and all medical references! No, George Orwell, get back in your box. We read Animal Farm and 1984 and its not happening here. This is America, the home of the free and the brave. Well, maybe brave but certainly not free anymore. Aldous Huxley the great author was right on the money with Brave New World Revisited. Read it. Have your kids read it. He predicted the day would come when everyone, being drugged to the hilt, would be considered normal. How close are we now? The propaganda machine is on most of the time now with the dark marriage between Psychiatry, Madison Avenue and drug sponsored TV. We drug our kids to get them ready for the future world where drugs may become mandatory. (They are now for school kids who require Ritalin, etc. The parents dont have much to say.) But I digress a little. You can read up on Rife at: RifeTech. It is very effective. If you have a scientific bent, you can read the more technical papers and really understand how and why it works, especially on cancer. Cancer was one of the pathogens that Rife went after and destroyed with his amazing device! He actually catalogued and destroyed 52 diseases, two of which were cancer---and that was in the 1930s! If it is still up, you can check the historical documents at: But, of course, I am not making any medical claims. This is just for experimental purposes and academic discussion.


4)                Dr. Burzynski: Persecuted for years by the vested interests at the FDA and the AMA this good doctor committed only one sin. He actually cured children of brain cancer at a San Francisco hospital. That is against the law in California! For this he was harassed for years and finally driven to Texas where the laws are more pro-alternative. He finally won the law suits against the FDA, unlike some good doctors and researchers who have been utterly destroyed. Yet, he still is under very stringent limitations as to who he can help, (they must be basically hopeless and terminal, having had their natural immune system destroyed by allopathic miss-treatment etc.) You can read up a little at: Gary Wades article. And Vindicated. As always, there is a lot of disinformation out there, paid for by the vested drug and conventional interests. They have a lot to lose by you staying well. Be careful and please make a thorough and fair research.



Some Other things that help a lot:



Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Review Article, Dr Johanna Budwig diet


Resveratrol: Dr. Mercola article


High Alkaline diet: Dr. Brewers article


Positive Mental Attitude: You have to let your heart be the guide here. But, it makes sense and has been proven clinically that a positive or optimistic attitude can work wonders if not miracles in any situation. There have been many experimental studies and proofs over the years that the human mind can and does affect physical matter. These cases have been statistically significant and sometimes astronomically so! It is not even common scientific knowledge yet, but it will be. In this respect, the public may be way ahead of science in the area of faith and healing. When combined with these modalities, I believe anything is possible! Some sources to begin with are Norman Vincent Peal, Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, Eckart Tolle, Norman Cousins, etc. Search on Positive Thinking at the library. All these authors have books and tapes.


Urine Therapy: Perhaps the most misunderstood and the oldest therapy available to mankind. There is voluminous documentation by medical doctors that this is very effective in many diseases. In fact, it is the basis of Dr. Burzynskis Antineoplastons. One great book that explains it very well and gives hundreds of references is Your Own Perfect Medicine.


Vitamin C: Miraculous! You wont believe what this vitamin can do for you in large enough quantities. We have been lied to. First, read the great article on it at: The Vitamin C Story. Then, bookmark the wonderful site at: Dr. Cathcart. Also, check out new book by Dr. Steve Hickey.


These are just a few examples of remedies I would use and trust using with my loved ones. We will keep you informed of new and breaking cutting-edge discoveries. Check back to the health blog from time to time. We will try to update this with current news, information and discoveries.


See some repetition and some extra ideas that are very good at: Vaccine Alternatives.


Political Pressure To Change The Law: you can do something to help. Check out this site and learn about the bill Bill 1691 that would allow alternative treatments for cancer in California.


Some interesting leads on future medicine: Gene therapy to treat deadly cancer; genetically modified virus explodes cancer cells; Killing Virus DNA






Thank you for your attention and best wishes for a happy, healthy life. 

More to come....