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Tesla invented cold plasma ozone. He also tried to give us many things that were repressed or misunderstood by the powers that were and still are. To protest, he once turned down the Nobel prize because he did not respect his co-recipient. By the way, Tesla invented the AC electrical system we use all the time!




Its a jungle out there.  Yes, and it will get worse.  How do you tell the real from the phony?  On the one hand, the FDA is constantly misleading either by design or by happenstance; on the other, we are plagued by quacks, dishonest or even harmful manufactures of questionable products (although, I have yet to find any).  Some kind of agency has to exist to protect the people from unscrupulous scoundrels like cigarette companies that market to children, right? etc. etc. Is the FDA doing that? 


Well, okay.  What we really need is a crap detector as termed by George Bernard Shaw. Or was it Mark Twain?  You see, there are mistakes that come from sheer ignorance too.  I dont remember who said it.  The point is someone did. I think most of the people out there are well meaning on both sides of the medicinal fence, e.g. allopathic and alternative.  What we need to do is separate the wheat from the chaff. (see definition of allopathic in glossary)


Aside from using a ouji board or a pendulum etc. there are some very dependable signposts.  From my experience, and always keeping in mind it is but my humble opinion, I have found some real things.  As always, we are all responsible for our choices and for our own lives.  It behooves you to take what I say and test it.  I know I tell the truth, but how will you know?  Due diligence. Study, research, effort.  Paying of dues.


For example, I can recommend books, papers, etc. by brilliant people that can answer all you questions but you are the one who will have to sharpen your wits and apply your grey cells to the matter.  The information is out there. It exists!  When they say  there is no cure for (supply your own disease names),  are you convinced it is true?  Or, do you secretly know deep inside that there is a cure somewhere in the world? (see article)  And, I promise you, once you own the knowledge, no one can take it away or lie or argue you back into ignorance for their own gain whatever it may be. 




Our society has become very sick in some ways especially with regard to the the health industry or should I say sickness industry.  It feeds on itself.  There are now so many vested interests that live off the bad health and diseases of the population of this planet that it has become a juggernaut behemoth  that only St. George or some other divine hero could slew.  The entire society is dependent on the health care industry functioning smoothly very much like it is dependent on the oil and car industry.  Jobs and livelihoods depend on it. The economy and its stability apparently does. And, the big drug companies are very powerful and influential.  They control much of the media and most of the doctors. They do not want to give up this gravy train easily even though it really does not work!  Cure a patient, lose a customer.  It is a cash cow this cure the symptom leave the disease approach. They are the new tobacco companies only much, much worse.  They ostensibly do good while they create addicts to symptom removal, while our collective health merrily goes to hell. Again, it does not work! ! ! 
(see article)


It may be a very hard battle to move the system toward preventative and holistic health, although the people are making that desire known with their wallets.  The most effective vote is the one we make with our money.  They hear that. When enough people refuse to buy into the allopathic paradigm they will have to listen and branch out into some honest way of making a living.  Ofcourse, how will they ever find out if the vested interests control the media?


For now we must do it ourselves.  And here is how.


Two articles I would recommend highly are by Physicist Gary Wade. He is a brilliant scientist but also a very clear writer.  He explains very complicated concepts in a clear manner.  He is also the Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation:


Vibratory Energy Medicine


Magnetic Pulse Intense Field Therapy








The point is that there are some miraculous therapies out there and really work.  They have been repressed and/or slandered or just plain villified until it is hard to even find good information on them.  Some, like Dr. Rife and his amazing machine, have been all but wiped from the history books...because they worked!!  See and Politics of Healing by Daniel Haley. It will make you angry and it should. Why, you ask?  The short version is greed and ignorance.  Nothing new.  You know the learn the solution.  Read the articles on this site!














God invented this first. Pretty good stuff, eh?


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