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Lyme disease therapies (alternative medicine)
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Lyme disease therapies
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A  Brief Essay On Therapeutic

and Curative Strategies---Update April 2010

Lyme disease therapies (alternative)



First, before we get to the alternative solution, it should be established from the start that there is no perfect cure for Lyme (at least none that is known by orthodox allopathic medicine), and that, for allopathic medicine to be at all effective, it must be caught at the inception.  It is very hard to diagnose and is much more common than most people think.  From CNN:

Lyme disease is more common than you think

To understand health officials' battle against the disease, take a look at the statistics. More than 100,000 cases of Lyme disease have been reported since 1989, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and these numbers are conservative and probably do not reflect the true number of cases. Health officials have a difficult time counting the actual number of patients, since Lyme disease mimics other diseases, and people can go for years without a proper, correct diagnosis.

What to look for if you're bitten by a tick

CDC research shows that the hallmark "bull's-eye" rash appears in 80 percent of patients within days or weeks of being infected. Symptoms also include fatigue, fever and stiffness.

If caught early, doctors can successfully treat patients with a three- to four-week course of antibiotics. Those who don't respond or those who do not get prompt and proper treatment may develop late-stage symptoms, which include neurological difficulties, heart problems and debilitating body pain. These symptoms are much harder to treat.



Yes, they are hard to treat.  And impossible to cure.  I have personally seen people who have finally discovered they are infected, perhaps years after the initial tick bite, and noted the strange symptoms they manifest, many that mimic other diseases.  However, even after correct diagnosis and treatment the prognosis with drugs is not good:  See:  "Why Lyme Disease Persists"  by Dr. Mirkin

Also see:




Does that mean all is lost and hopeless?  No, it just means most people have to be at their wits end before they will be open to anything unorthodox or alternative etc.   Then of course there is the political economic suppression of alternative therapies that actually work.  Here is one example as it relates to cancer.  There are many others.


For some this is unthinkable and they would rather die than come to distrust the safe and predictable world they think they live in.  Strange as it sounds, some actually want to be sick and to die.  Every doctor knows patients that really have a deep-seated death wish or a quilted wish for punishment, etc.  But this is not you because you have gotten this far and that means you are determined to get well. That is what it takes.

First, what does not work?

The authors showed that three months of antibiotics does not cure fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or presumed Lyme disease. However, people who have reactive arthritis must be treated for longer than three months, often for more than a year. We still do not know what chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia really are. Long term treatment with antibiotics is controversial and not accepted by most doctors; discuss your particular situation with your doctor.

(Actually, they do know the causes but they may be too manifold and diverse, e.g. a combination of toxins and pathogens.  I would recommend reading the full article on Lyme disease by Dr. Gabe Mirkin):J


They limitations of allopathic, drug-based medicine are obvious.  There are alternatives!   From my own experience and knowledge I believe the proper application of rife frequencies can and does provide great relief and possibly a full recovery not only from Lyme disease, but many, many other pathogens from parasites and bacteria to viruses.  Since the therapy is not legal (at least not approved by the almighty FDA) in most of the world I cannot endorse it even though I know it works.  But, fortunately, the worlds greatest proponent and expert on rife therapies has his papers on a web site for you to read.  And, he makes the best and the least expensive unit (my opinion), that can be built and used under the USA law for experimental purposes under certain conditions.  I have personally seen it work on Lyme very effectively, but that is just my word and it might have been a fluke or even another misdiagnosed disease.  There are no clinical studies for obvious reasons,  but the science speaks for itself if you think a little.  See at:


What else might you try?  Well, there is a good case for using sauna or steam therapy combined with activated oxygen (ozone therapy).  Again, if you are new to this, you have a lot of catching up to do.  However, it will be worth it.  Most laymen are familiar with hyperbaric oxygen.  Not so well known is the fact that it is used to treat the infamous flesh eating disease that resists all antibiotics more and more. You can study up on oxygen therapies in general by going to:


In particular, if you are familiar with ozone therapies you might want to jump right to the essential information.  Here, a careful reading will yield tremendous practical data on Lyme and many other problems like MCS, CFS, Fibromyalgia, etc. More and more doctors are becoming aware of the tried and tested therapies for treating these similar maladies successfully. See:


I have experience with ozone etc. It has been clinically used and studied for over 50 years in Germany.  Unlike rife which has been almost totally suppressed by the vested interests (read large pharmaceutical companies, etc.) over the years, ozone therapy offers literally thousands of controlled studies and clinical data up the Kazoo.  If that is what you need to get started great.  I would say rife is better, but there is little clinical proof and no double blind studies to my knowledge.  It is dangerous to the established power structures and elites. See:

Short essay by physicist Gary Wade:

Brief explanation of how rife works:


Well, you have some homework to do.  We are all really responsible for our own health and well-being although Big Brother would like you to think he will take care of you. As is obvious  from the statistics,  he is not. 

Lately, there is a movement afoot to take more of our self-reliance away as they have all over Europe and in Australia.  Canada is now under attack.  And then us.

The term Codex will become very important to all of us in the not to distant future, as their plans are to control us even further with the endorsement of the United Nations.  If they get their way, vitamins will be prescribed and not legal in any quantity that might be effective.  To understand the true significance of this, in case you do not already, see the article on Vitamin C by Gary Wade. At:


This will rock your world.  Vitamin C therapy has been suppressed for a century and all the clinical data be damned.  Yes, we have a wonderful Constitution and Bill of Rights in the USA.  Maybe someday we will be fortunate enough to actually be able to live under it.  Functionally, it is dead and only window dressing.  Before long, no school child will ever see a copy let alone read it! It has been by-passed by Treaties, Appointed bureaucrats, sneaky riders attached to Bills, etc. etc. and will be replaced by the UN version which is available to read if you want to.  Pray.  In the meantime, you are still free to read and experiment. Use it or lose it!  Best.



If you have constructive comments, suggestions or serious health questions, you can e-mail at:








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