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I am part of a network of scientists, healers, writers, inventors, etc. and other professionals and lay people who care about the way things are going--mostly downhill. We are a brain trust that wants to help do something positive to get the population of this planet back to the Garden of Health and natural Joy. I set this site up as a guide and signpost to help you find help. There is always a way. Have faith and keep going. Knock and it shall  be opened. Seek and you will find.  Consider this your "Healthgate".

Pacific Ocean
It is all inter-acting waves in the ocean of the universe.

We are a philosophically affiliated group of scientists, inventors and researchers, that are currently working on projects that focus around alternative medicine and health.  Essentially, we informally pool our resources to ensure that we can offer the best overall solution to whatever problem presents itself.  We are not doctors in the allopathic sense, but we do have expertise in healing.  Because of the present laws that exit in the US and in Europe etc. that endeavor to progressively restrict all competition to allopathic or mainstream medicine and research, we operate in the alternative and complementary capacity as an adjunct to qualified practitioners and recognized disciplines.

If you have a serious medical problem that defies conventional solution, we more than likely can help.  We are not a clinic and we do not offer treatments nor do we diagnose or prescribe.  We offer sound information from qualified research.  We also offer to construct certain devices that we believe can have great benefit.  However, under law, as you may realize, we are not allowed to make medical claims even if they are true.  But, because of those same laws, we are allowed to build experimental devices that can be used by individuals or practitioners to treat themselves or others under certain conditions.  

If, after studying the basics, you think that we might be able to help, please feel free to correspond. If we cannot help, we may be able to refer you to a source that can.  Best wishes for a healthy and happy life.

We can be contacted at: E-MAIL ME